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The fundamental elements that have been defining WoW WOTLK classic are changing at WOTLK Gold what could only be called a pivotal point in the developer's long time. In the midst of ongoing sexual discrimination and harassment allegations in Activision Blizzard and a planned acquisition of $69 billion by Microsoft and Microsoft, the WoW WOTLK classic team is seeking to find a new way which challenges the old ideas about the nature of WoW WOTLK classic is as a game, how it's played and the people it's designed for. The results so far are promising.

There's no better illustration of the old beliefs which have held back the game than the division between the two factions of the game that are The Horde as well as the Alliance. Since the beginning of time, WoW WOTLK classic has been defined by the Cold War-like battle between the two superpowers of Azeroth and, in fact, the WoW WOTLK classic component that is part of the annual BlizzCon convention would usually start with a contest between players in the arena to determine which side was most vocal.

The war between factions at least in Blizzard's brain, has was one of the main elements of WoW WOTLK classic's core. Don't forget it was the Horde and Alliance joined forces in the game's narrative to take on world-threatening threats often and repeatedly that go buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold back all the way back to World of Warcraft. Don't forget that both leaders often work together and are sometimes even friends with one another. The battle of the different factions as well as the division between the two playerbases must continue to exist as that's the reason WoW WOTLK classic was about when it was launched in 2004.