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BEIRUT, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday welcomed the election of a new Lebanese President without "foreign intervention," considering the successful election as "a victory for all Lebanese."

The National News Agency (NNA) said that Zarif, who arrived Monday afternoon for an official visit, conveyed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's congratulations to Lebanon's President Michel Aoun.

According to the NNA, Zarif held talks in Baabda with Aoun in the presence of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil during the official visit to Lebanon which will also include meetings with other top Lebanese officials.

"I seized this opportunity to extend the warmest congratulations to President Aoun on his assumption of the presidency, in my name and in the name of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and all Iranians," Zarif said after meeting with Aoun.

"We welcomed the fact that the presidential election in Lebanon was held without any foreign interference. Lebanon's success in holding the presidential vote after two and a half years of vacuum is a victory for all Lebanese," he added.

Zarif said his visit is aimed at "developing and boosting bilateral ties at the political and economic levels."

He stressed that "Iran and Lebanon have two main enemies, the takfiri enemy and Israel, and this issue is an element for unity between Iran and Lebanon."

"President Aoun's oath of office reflected his deep political vision that identified the risks that are threatening all countries in the region," Iran's top diplomat went on to say.

Zarif is accompanied by an Iranian delegation comprising of around 45 economic and political figures, according to the NNA.

"We will stand today and tomorrow by Lebanon and we will seek to expand cooperation between the two countries," he added.

Last week, Aoun was elected as Lebanon's 13th president thus ending around two and a half years of a presidential vacuum which began with the end of the 6-year tenure of former President Michel Suleiman in May 2014.

Hariri was selected on Thursday to form a new cabinet.

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In life, stress is inevitable and it actually gives a sense of balance in our day to day life. These lawyers will not find the need to be productive day in and day out if they did not have deadlines Jim Brown Womens Jersey , challenges, and obligations to deal with and if these cause them stress most of the time, these remain useful when it comes to motivating them. What we have to be concerned about is a form of stress called distress. You cannot work as productively is you have distress wearing you down as it is all about chronic negative emotions.

It is common to encounter fatigue Zane Gonzalez Womens Jersey , headaches, and upset stomachs when it comes to this apart from the racing heart and lack of sleep. Emotionally, a person may experience abrupt mood swings Howard Wilson Womens Jersey , often expressed in anger, fear, and guilt. Simple things will make you confused if you have a problem with distress. You might not remember things as easily. People are burned out when there is a great deal of physical Antonio Callaway Womens Jersey , mental, and emotional exhaustion involved.

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