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MLB The Show 19 continues to be one of the top sports games
MLB The Show has never been a game to make huge overhauls year in and year out. Instead, they take what they have and improve it.With a solid foundation, MLB The Show 19 continues to be one of the top sports games in terms of gameplay and realism. MLB has always been about the little things, and this year is no different.

This is also made all the more enticing by the fact that Franchise Mode in MLB The Show 19 is pretty much the same as it has been for awhile. However, this is a mode that doesn’t really need all that much refining, as it has pretty much all of the features that someone would want to play through a full season. Rather than revamp this mode as a whole, March to October was added as a complimentary mode that those looking for that overhauled Franchise can enjoy instead. It is still disappointing to have so little added content in Franchise, but that has pretty much become the expectation in recent years.

“MLB The Show 19” also includes the now necessary card collecting game called Diamond Dynasty. Diamond Dynasty is like every other card game in sports video games: you'll compete in challenges against the computer or online and earn cards or currency to collect new cards. Then, you use these cards to upgrade your lineup of current and legendary baseball players. It's a fun diversion, but the pay-to-win possibility is always there in these modes, meaning some will likely never play this mode. Come to now, you can Buy MLB 19 Stubs with fast delivery and 100% safety.

Online play is still functional at best. For years, The Show has struggled in offering a perfect online experience. Slowdown happens a good bit but not necessarily during the key moments such as a swing or a throw. Disconnections do happen and players do tend to rage quit a decent amount. Lastly, the game’s soundtrack isn’t very fitting for baseball. San Diego Studios has also allowed players to import MP3s through a USB thumb drive as there are a ton of customization options still in the game. This is also the first year that the team hasn’t included the radio calls as part of the menu music, which is disappointing.

Franchise is the least changed offering in the game, delivering tweaks to contracts and being able to extend player contracts, but not much outside of this. Online Franchise is sadly missing for a second year running. The other series staple, Road to the Show, received a number of significant updates, including personality types. While the banter between players, coaches, and the press in the clubhouse seems trivial and is repeated far too often as your career unfolds, the perks that come from being a Captain, Maverick, Lightning Rod, or the Heart and Soul of the team deliver bumps for your on-field performance.
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