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Horizontal Shifting Parking System suppliers
PPY horizontally moving series car parking system
parking facility for horizontally moving series
1.Working principle
It adopts horizontal movement of transfer platform or crane at the same level; or collects or parks vehicle through horizontal movement of supporting board. Besides, it can also use transfer platform and lifting mechanism to realize multi-level horizontal movement and vehicle parking and collecting.
2. Work feature
It adopts the advanced computer centralized control system and the quick and stable frequency regulation to carry out operation.
Vehicle specification monitor and photoelectric alarm, safe and reliable mechanical lock and anti-droping protection measure are provided to ensure a safer parking.
The main moving element of the facility adopts frequency regulation, which alleviate the impact brought by start and stop, avoids harm to human body brought by parking and ensures stable, safe and reliable operation.
It adopts entire steel structure, good shape, simple and impact structure. The structure works safely, quickly and precisely. The parts assembly adopts assemble type, which is convenient for transportation and site assembly.
specification of vehicles accommodated for horizontal moving type
parameters of standard sizes\style of vehicle to be parked inZ styleD styleD2 styleT style
size of vehicle accommodatedtotal length(mm)4700500052005300
total width except rear-view mirror(mm)1800185019001900
total height(mm)1450155015501550/2050
total weight (Kg)1500170020002350
graph for main technical & performance parameter
itemtechnical parameter
lifting devicemotor:18.5Kw rise & fall speed:50m/min
rotation devicemotor:2.2Kw rotation speed:5rpm
horizontal-moving device horizontal-moving speedmotor:0.75Kw moving, horizontal moving speed:50m/min
vehicle storage & retrieval devicemotor:0.75Kw speed of fetching vehicle:20m/min
key button control/IC(integrated circuit) card control(available)IC (integrated circuit) card control/touch screen operation (optional)
vehicle retrieval speed2 pieces up side open type
1. Advantage and Application
(1) The equipment can not only reduce lane area, increase parking density and utilization ratio but also benefit safety,
liability, automatic ratio and parking efficiency.  
(2) It is mainly divided into single-layer shuttling, single layer (or multi-layer) shuttling,  suitable for parking system on the ground, underground and combining parking system.
(3)  It is mainly applied to large garage or parking lot.
2. Equipment Formation
It is consist of hoist, horizontal platform, comb carrier, storage frame, detector and intelligent inverter controlling system.  
You can design rotary system according to site conditions to make sure the vehicle can be automatically turned around.
3. Working Principle
The carrier is always reciprocating on a surface, the function of storage and conveying is on the carrier. The carrier moves
to different surfaces with the help of hoist and horizontal rotary platform.
4. Equipment Type
According to the direction of carrying, we classified it into two main types: Vertical and Horizontal. It can be flexibly combined  
and designed according to site conditions.Horizontal Shifting Parking System suppliers
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