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Malaysia Crazy Toy 2 Game Toy Crane Claw Machine For Sale
How to operate the claw crane machine?

Crane machine operation in three directions: 1. Regional familiarity; 2. Salesperson training; 3. Crane machine shop; 4. Crane machine debugging.

1. Regional familiarity: Generally, there are more than ten claw machines in shopping malls or aisles along the street. Use a book to record the number of the claw machine and the names of the dolls placed in it. Record each update. Timely feedback the doll's inventory and the registration of good-selling styles, the daily performance of the business point = the defined value of a single point / the number of days in the month.

2. Salesperson training: collect the goods by recording the dolls. When a good sale is out of stock, you need to register with the boss to understand the period of picking up the goods, the name of the doll, and the quantity. To understand the preferences of customers in the base, choose dolls, and keep up with market trends, such as the protagonist of a certain cartoon to pick up the goods.

3. Crane machine shop: Crane machines are generally equipped with two sticks on the back, so the purpose is to look neat and full. Dolls with middle claws are generally placed in two layers. The first layer is tight, and the second layer is combed a little bit. There must be a place to lower the claws. The angle of the eyes of the doll should be facing the consumer. It looks cute or pitiful. , Try playing on machines with poor performance, and change money if there is no problem.

4. Debugging of the claw machine: the claw machine has manuals, the gripping power of the middle, large and small grips will be different. When replacing the dolls, some dolls are heavier, so you have to think about it, if each clip does not move , Come to clip? Expensive, good-looking can be a little harder, and the payment is also good.
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