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I despise court conquerer and I don't want perform against AI
So I'm not a 2K god by some stretch, and NBA 2K21 MT I am not a buttocks. My rec team wins so I have experience being the squad that is sweaty that everyone hates and being of randoms on a team. I feel like I've got more of a perspective of what it's like to be the 2K player. I'm purchasing NBA Live 21 and 2K21 regardless of what next year, but that I'm sticking with one or another. Here is 10 changes I feel 2K should make that could make NBA 2K21 better for the majority of players.

Offensive 3 seconds in park is 6 seconds. This lets bigs camp at the paint for 5 minutes at a time either sitting under the rim to get pump or an offensive board faking 100 times beneath you are beneath the rim. During Rush events that they call 3 minutes in 3 seconds and it actually cuts down on some of the post scorer cheese. Defensive 3 at the key should be added to park too, but fix it (in rec also) so where you don't need to be hugging your man not to get it called. A defensive 3 minutes call could function the same as a foul call. Combined with #8 to the list, that would cut back on the paint camping.

Since the playground empties, I despise court conquerer and I don't want perform against AI. But there is no denying it is. You should have the option of playing on your myplayer or even match up against your friend's team. It'd also be nice to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins be able to practice plays for your team ect. The concern with this that I hear is people using this to cheese NBA 2K21 to advance their participant but you could nerf the progression in these games similar to the way the cages are.
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