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Aliens Shooting Arcade Game Machine Simulator For Game Center
Easyfun Alien game machine is a highly playable shooting game machine. Many players have been crazy about it because the Alien game machine can bring players an extremely realistic shooting feeling.


Size: L159*W108*H183cm

Weight: 200Kg

Power: 150W

Voltage: 220V/110V

Player: 2

MOQ: 1 Set

Material : Steel, PVC, Acrylic

Place of origin: Guangzhou, China

Suitable place:Game center, Theme park, Mall, Theater, Shop, etc.

Warranty:1 year, lifetime technical support

How to play the Aliens shooting game machine

1. Put in the game currency, press the (OK) button to enter the selection interface, and select the song by pressing (left shift) and (right shift). After pressing the (OK) button, you can select your favorite cartoon characters to enter the game by moving left and right.

2. When the player decides the line according to the falling note, press the button to get the corresponding score.

3. If the operation is wrong, the blood volume is reduced, and when the blood volume is zero, the game fails to pass the customs. If the blood volume value reaches the standard value of the game, it will be cleared.

4. During the game of the player, other players can enter the PK for two times at any time, and the PK winners continue to smash the game level.
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